Saturday, June 6, 2009

Okay so it's been a little while, things got a little crazy with the wedding and moving and being more involved with music I haven't had a lot of time to hit the world and photograph it, but here are some pictures I snapped while tagging along with Alex on one of his class assignments. That's his handsome mug up there. be sure to check out his stuff, I'll get some more stuff up here soon. bye


  1. Nice pic of him! :) not get Alex to post new pictures!!! Geez!

  2. I love the cold storage brick building and the picture of the painted corrugated metal. You and Alex have some really nice shots!! If you haven't checked out my photography site, mine is Keep up the awesome work! I LOVE the post of all night shots, especially the shadow that looks like a monster on the cathedral! That made me laugh!